vanwaelda (vanwaelda) wrote,

A rant

On ... that delightful journal community, designed to inflame fandom (I can't think of any other reason for it's creation).

Honestly, I thought this fandom was better than that.

Yes, there's a lot of shit fic out there, but the sort of people creating a community like that are far worse than any bad fic authors.

I would be devastated if something I wrote ended up on there; utterly devastated. What right do those little twerps think they have to be ripping people's writing to pieces? They don't have any at all.

Critique (not criticism) should be something a writer can ask for, and submit their own work for.

Don't go all 'But she/he posted it in a public forum' on me. Yes, they did, but so did I, and I don't expect anyone to be bashing mine anymore than they probably did! This isn't The Guardian, and they weren't in a play, nor did they write a book. They do not deserve anyone laughing at them behind their backs however poor a piece of writing might be.

Would any of the people involved (the whole 14 members) like this to happen to their offerings? Somehow I doubt it.

Grow up. Stop using other people to make your own fun (how very playground of you). You are everything I hate about fandom.
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