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Lessons Learnt - McShepBeck! - NC17

Title: Lessons Learnt
Author: glae
Pairing: McShep with Beckett
Rating: NC17
Word count: 4754

Summary: "Rodney said … it was all right," Beckett said, sounding strangled, and as if he knew he was going to get into trouble, any second now. He was flushed, obviously embarrassed, and beginning to look contrite.

Warning: There be spanking, and lots of sex, as well as a degree of Sub/Dom relations. This is total Porn, utter utter Porn, with definate capital P. ;)

Author's notes: Started for seiyaharris and finished for xanthe. Hope you both like it!

Lessons Learnt

John was tired and sore and hungry, and wanted to relax. The sight he was presented with on entering the room was, distracting, to say the least.

"Rodney said … it was all right," Beckett said, sounding strangled, and as if he knew he was going to get into trouble, any second now. He was flushed, obviously embarrassed, and beginning to look contrite.

"Oh he did, did he?" John asked, turning to focus on McKay and raising one careful eyebrow. He waited for the expected Rodney-babble to start, and was a little surprised when it didn't come.

"What can I say?" McKay asked, shrugging his broad shoulders, and glancing back at Beckett.

"Oh, I don't know," John drawled, reaching for the zipper on his vest and drawing it down slowly. "An apology would be a good start," he added, mostly as an afterthought.

McKay's head snapped back and he did his own eyebrow-raising thing.

"Colonel," he started slowly, and John noticed Beckett twitch out of the corner of his eye. "You have never, not for one infinitesimal little second, ever, given me the impression that this," he continued, and the movement of his hand was expansive. "Was not okay. Nor something that I need to apologise for." And that was totally an afterthought.

John dropped his vest on to the back of the nearest chair, and started work on his shirt. He though he heard Beckett make a weird, throaty sort of noise, and was about to ask the Doctor if he was all right, when he was interrupted by McKay.

"What are you doing?"

John pulled his shirt over his head, mussing his hair and dropping flecks of mud all around him. Football with the Athosians on the mainland equals messy, he made a mental note to himself.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" he asked, as he dropped the shirt and started to toe his sneakers off.

Beckett made that noise again – it was a cross between a whine and a moan, John decided as he kicked his sneakers across the room, glad once again that he generally chose to forego socks.

"It looks," McKay's voice was tight, and John smirked at the prospect of winding him up further. "Like you're…"

"I'm joining in," John finished for him. "Because if this," and he echoed McKay's earlier gesture, twirling his hand around to take in the two of them and what they were doing. "… is okay, then surely it's all right for me to take part as well?" He dropped his pants and stepped out of them with another smirk as McKay just glared back.

"Colonel, I swear to God, if you do not just leave right now, you will never… Ack!" he interrupted himself with an undignified squawk as the palm of John's hand made contact with his bare ass with a resounding smack. Beckett moaned, long and deep, and John watched his eyes roll back in his head before his lids fluttered shut.

"Oh that's… very…" he murmured, and then moaned again.

"Sheppard! What the hell do you…"

John smacked again, watching in fascination as McKay's butt cheeks wobbled a little and started turning pink.

"Sheppard?" McKay asked after a moment's silence, in an entirely different voice.

John took a step back and gazed at the two men entwined on the narrow bed in front of him. Beckett was on his back, partly propped up by the wall and pillows. His skin was flushed from his cheeks to his chest, and his hair damp with sweat – John wasn't entirely sure whether it was from nervousness or arousal, probably a combination of both. McKay was on top of Beckett, swarming over his body - Beckett's hairy thighs wrapped around his waist. Just as John walked in to the room, he'd been pushing in to Beckett's body, making the doctor keen and curl his toes in a way that really shouldn't have turned John on.

"I'm punishing you," John answered at last, taking a deep breath and trying to control himself, he walked back to the bed and laid his hand on McKay's ass, kneading the flesh. McKay had a surprisingly nice ass; John had found out just about a month ago, when they'd started this 'thing' which was more than sex, but less than love – so far. Contemplating, John ran his fingers over McKay's crack and ever so softly over his hole, smiling a little when McKay's head dropped with smack on to Beckett's chest. John could hear the harsh pants that were barely muffled by Beckett's flesh, and see the way McKay's hips were twitching forwards.

John must have made a noise, because Beckett's eyes opened (he looked a lot like he would have left the room if McKay hadn't been sprawled on top of him, in him) and he watched as John raised his hand again, and smacked it down onto McKay's ass. John watched as the force of the blow canted McKay's hips forward and forced his cock deeper, and the way it registered on Beckett's face. Both of the men on the bed moaned and John raised an eyebrow. Beckett liked it deep, and that was fair enough (John did too, not that he'd admit that to anyone). But McKay liked to be spanked – and that was brand new information that needed to be processed and filed appropriately - later though. Right now it needed to be acted on. John climbed up on to the bed, pushed McKay's thighs apart (which made his own cock twitch in anticipation) and crawled between them.

"Pillow," he demanded, holding his hand out. Beckett just looked at him, mouth open a little with silent pants, and eyes wide.

McKay lifted a heavy hand, pulled one of the pillows out from under
Beckett's shoulders, and smacked it back into John's hand.

"You do realise that I'm in him, don't you?" he snapped, and John had to laugh at that, because it had been pretty damn obvious since the second he let himself into McKay's room

He didn't answer McKay though, just grabbed Beckett's hairy ankles and dragged them both down the bed, shuffling off the end himself as he did so.

"Oh Jesus," Beckett muttered, and screwed his eyes tight shut as the sudden movement pushed McKay even deeper. "You know, Rodney maybe this wasn't such…"

"Shut up, shut up," McKay whispered fiercely, and John (now standing between his dangling legs) could see the tension in his calves and his feet. He picked up the pillow again, and shoved it under Beckett's hips to angle them both up, pushing McKay's ass into the air in the process.

"There, that's better," John muttered to himself, pleased with the way McKay's thighs dropped open; the way his hole was exposed by his parted cheeks; and the way his balls were hanging down, just obscuring John's view of the way his cock was pushing into Beckett's body. He was quiet for a while there, just appreciating the two bodies in front of him, and how they were joined. Both men were panting softly by the time John shook himself, and then reached for the lube that they'd abandoned at the side of the bed. He enjoyed the way McKay's breath hitched when he uncapped the bottle. So he took his time lubricating his fingers, slathering his whole hand and making as many obscene, sticky noises as he could in the process.

"Sheppard…" McKay began warily as John reached out and lifted the man's balls in his dry hand, squeezing them gently. "What are you…" he began, just as Beckett started to say, "You know, if you want me to leave I can just…"

Then they both gave a strangled shout, and McKay's head shot up in surprise as John unceremoniously shoved two fingers up Beckett's ass right alongside McKay's cock, adding extra pressure and movement where things had started to relax.

"Oh Jesus!" Beckett yelled, and McKay shouted something that could have been to do with String Theory, or might have been another language entirely – John wasn't sure.

"You don't need to leave, Carson," John answered, whilst twitching his fingers and searching out the man's prostate – there was tight, hot pressure on his fingers and it was difficult to move, but oh so interesting. "I'm glad you're here actually. It gives me the chance to address one or two issues about mine and McKay's relationship," he added, whilst stroking Beckett's prostate with one hand, and McKay's perineum with the other. "See, I'm not a one night stand kind of guy…"

"But," McKay started, and John pressed his thumb, hard, into the base of his balls.

"Ah, ah, I'm talking. Aside from the odd alien priestess; half ascended virgin; or desperate Princess after my DNA," he squeezed McKay's balls again. "I am not a one night stand kind of a guy. Whilst I realise that we've pretty much been fucking when we feel like it, and not talking about much else, I did think we might have some sort of relationship on the cards. Furthermore," he twisted his fingers right around, enjoying the way McKay's cock twitched against them. "I've never done a guy before…"

"Really? Beckett interrupted, looking up.

"Talking," John reminded again, jabbing his fingers deep in response. "I've never done a guy before," he repeated. "And I could get in serious trouble for it. So this, to me, is kinda a big deal. It's serious, I'm in it for the long term, and this," he pressed Beckett's prostate and pulled on McKay's balls. "… is not okay. It is way, way not okay."

"Really?" It was McKay's turn to ask, though his voice was a lot squeakier than Beckett's had been, and John could hear him drawing ragged breaths through clenched teeth. "Because honestly? I got the impression that you didn't actually like… oh!… me too much."

"Sometimes," John said, pulling his fingers all the way out. "I really hate you. Sometimes," he started lubricating his fingers again. "I really like you, and sometimes," he trailed two fingers over McKay's hole, and then shoved them in, hard. "Sometimes I just want to fuck you through the mattress; or the floor; or the wall…" he added another finger while he thought about it. "Or the briefing room table," he added with a malicious smirk, knowing McKay wouldn't to able to sit through a briefing without getting hard now. And why should he? – John certainly hadn't been able to since the thought had first crossed his mind.

"Are you going to? Right now?" McKay asked suddenly, interrupting John's train of thought – his voice was breathy, his face pressed against Beckett's neck now.

"What?" John asked, confusion creasing his brow.

"Fuck him," Beckett supplied. "Because, don't mind me lads, you go right ahead."

John smirked and twisted his fingers in McKay's ass, lubricating him well, but deliberately avoiding his prostate.

"No," he said, pressing hand into the small of McKay's back to hold him down, to stop him from pushing his ass back. "No," he said again. "I don't think that would really be a punishment, would it?" He looked up and smiled then as he caught Beckett looking him up and down, taking in John's taught muscles and heavy cock.

"Aye, no, p'rhaps not," he muttered, dropping his head back on the pillows with a heavy sigh.

"No," John grinned, pulling his fingers out and smacking McKay's ass with a wet noise. "This ought to be a real punishment, because you made me feel bad when I caught you fucking someone that I don't think you care about as much as you do me. No offence Doc," he added, looking up quickly as he realised what he'd said.

"Och, none taken lad. But can you, you know, get on with it… mebbe?"

"Oh yeah, yeah, I think I can do that. Hold him down," he instructed, and Beckett's arms immediately went around McKay, pulling him down and tight against his chest – where he immediately began trying to push up. "Keep him down," John admonished, as he stepped back and tried to decide on what he thought might be a good angle.

"What are you… oh!" McKay was cut off by the first whip-like crack of John's hand against his ass.

"Let's see how much you really like this, shall we?" John asked, raining down a series of spanks on McKay's quivering cheeks, varying the speed and strength of the blows. "Enjoying that?" he asked, pausing for a moment and realising that he was breathing hard – apparently he enjoyed it too.

"Nunh!" was all McKay could manage, face still mashed into Beckett's neck, ass pushing back for more.

"Okay…" John whispered, and started again, alternating his hands now, so that they didn't get sore.

"Oh Jesus," Beckett gasped suddenly, clenching his fingers tight on McKay's arms, just when John's hand landed so that his fingertips actually hit McKay's hole straight on. He did it again, and realised that McKay's hips were jerking forward sharply at the sensation, fucking into Beckett with more force than previously.

"Yeah," John whispered, listening to McKay whimper and moan. "This should work. Why should Carson suffer for your indiscretions anyway? He should get a good fuck out of this, shouldn't he?"

McKay nodded his head frantically, a constant high-pitched whine escaping from his throat as he shoved his ass back against John's hand.

"Oh, yes please," Beckett moaned, eyes tight shut.

"Go on then," John said suddenly, talking to McKay.

“What?” McKay managed, breathing heavily through his nose as he panted against Beckett’s shoulder.

“Fuck him. Fuck Beckett,” John ordered, standing back and crossing his arms over his chest.

“I don’t…”

“Go on,” John insisted, tapping his foot ever so slightly. “That’s what you wanted to do, isn’t it?” He watched as McKay gave a few halfhearted thrusts, and then stopped again, one hand gripping Beckett’s thigh where it was clenching around his waist.

McKay mumbled something and John leaned closer. “What? Sorry, I didn’t hear that. What did you say?” he asked, not even trying to keep the aggression out of his tone.

“I said, I can’t!” McKay answered, lifting his head and looking at John. His face was red and sweaty, but his eyes were clear, and John knew he’d got through to him.

“You can’t?” John asked, moving closer to the bed. “Or you don’t want to?” he added quietly. He ignored the muffled noise Beckett made; this wasn’t about him right now.

“I can’t,” McKay whispered, dropping Beckett’s leg slowly and scooting back down the bed away from them both, his erection was definitely flagging.

“Oh Jesus,” Beckett muttered, dropping his head on the pillow. “You know, if I’d known you two were so damn loved up, I’d never have agreed to this.” He lifted his head and looked at John (who was trying hard not to get stuck on the word ‘loved’). “It was just a fuck. I just wanted a fuck!” he sighed, dropping his head again.

John glanced at where Rodney was sitting at the end of the bed, then back to Beckett. “Yeah, all right,” he said, grabbing the lube again and slicking himself up. “Here, turn over,” he ordered Beckett – who grinned widely at him and then shuffled off the bed, kneeling over it and presenting his ass to John. “Perfect,” John murmured, started to walk forward, and then stopped. “Rodney?” he murmured, and waited for the scientist to turn to look at him. He looked miserable, and John felt something in his gut twist in sympathy. “This is to show you why you’re not going to do this again, all right?” he asked softly, pleased at the way McKay nodded. “Come here,” he whispered, holding out his hand and waiting for McKay to shuffle over. He settled on the edge of the bed and John rearranged Beckett so that his hands were braced either side of McKay’s hips and his mouth was poised over his cock. Beckett immediately started to nuzzle, trying to pull McKay towards him so that he could suck his cock.

“Just… just let me…” McKay whispered quickly, pulling off the condom he’d been wearing and flinging it in the vague direction of the waster paper basket. John frowned. They never wore condoms anymore, and it hadn’t occurred to him to wear one for Beckett. It intrigued him that McKay felt it necessary.

John shrugged and reached down to push Beckett’s thighs apart, certain they were both clean. He braced himself, and pushed smoothly into Beckett’s loosened hole, gratified at the groan Beckett couldn’t seem to hold back. He nodded to himself, pulled back, and thrust again, hands tight on the other man’s hips, watching as Beckett’s head dropped and McKay made a noise of approval. John smirked, and twisted his hips, aiming for the Scot’s prostate this time. That got him a groan and a happy noise from McKay at the same time. John relaxed and got into it then, settling into a rhythm that had Beckett moaning underneath him. He kept it up, watching McKay carefully, almost unconsciously working Beckett’s body towards orgasm as he stroked and fucked the doctor. Then, noticing the way the flush was creeping across McKay’s cheeks, and how hard he was panting, he stopped. Just stopped dead, cock half in, half out of Beckett’s ass.

“Nggh?” Beckett mumbled around Rodney’s cock, and John had to pant to get his breath back before he answered.

“Stop,” he said, one hand reaching down to tug at Beckett’s balls. “Take your mouth off him…”

“No, no, no, please,” McKay interrupted, his hands tightening in Beckett’s hair, despite the way Beckett was pulling back.

“Rodney,” John warned, his voice calm and strong, despite the way his heart rate was off the scale. He watched as McKay lifted his head up, looked at John with his eyes wide and blue. Then he nodded slowly, obviously seeing something in John’s face, and scooted back on the bed, drawing his body away from John and Beckett.

John nodded, and pushed Beckett forward so that he was slumped over the bed, his torso resting on the mattress.

“This,” John muttered, gritting his teeth as he started thrusting into Beckett’s body again. “Is why you’re not going to fuck anyone else from now on, all right?” he asked, looking at Beckett’s bent head as he reached a hand around and gripped the doctor’s cock, stroking it firmly. The man was writhing under him, panting hard.

“Rodney?” John asked after a moment, when he realised the scientist hadn’t answered him. He looked up, and noted the way Rodney was staring at him forlornly, his eyes trained on John’s cock as it pushed into Beckett’s body. “You understand that this isn’t a nice thing to do, now?” he asked, grunting as Beckett’s squeezed the muscles in his ass, encouraging John to move faster.

Rodney nodded, and John thrust into Beckett again.

“I want you to verbalise it Rodney,” John told him, squeezing his eyes shut as he placed one hand on the edge of the bed, making it easier to fuck even harder into Beckett’s ass.

“I understand,” Rodney whispered, the noise barely visible over the slick sounds of sex, and Beckett’s breathless moans.
“And?” John asked, twisting his hand over the head of Beckett’s cock, wanting to bring him off quickly now.

“I don’t…” Rodney muttered, obviously confused over what was required of him.

“How does that make you feel?” John grunted, his head dropped back a little as he felt warmth tingle through his stomach and down into his thighs. He knew he was close, and he wanted Rodney to get this before he and Beckett finished.

“I… I’m sorry,” he heard Rodney whisper, and felt nothing but heat as he came hard into Beckett’s clenching ass. He dropped over the doctor’s back, panting hard, and gasped aloud as he felt the doctor come as well, his orgasm causing internal muscles to clench John’s spent cock painfully.

“Yeah,” John whispered, lifting his head and kneeling up, preparing to pull out as he heard Beckett groaning into the mattress. He looked up, as he pulled out (Beckett’s hole trying to suck him back in, even as the man himself sank onto the floor in a puddle of loose muscles) and noted the way Rodney had turned his face away from them, the way his jaw looked tight and the set of his shoulders unhappy.

John patted Beckett’s ass fondly (because it was a fucking awesome ass), and then stood, stretching his legs and loosening the muscles in his neck by rolling his head as he padded around the bed towards Rodney.

“I’m glad you understand,” John said, coming to a stop standing behind Rodney. He placed a hand on his lover’s head and turned his face gently so that he could kiss him – Rodney didn’t respond, the twist of his lips enough to tell John how unhappy he was. “Because I don’t want anyone else joining us in our relationship, okay?” he asked, breathing the words against Rodney’s lips as he leaned over him.

Rodney nodded, only slightly, but the acquiescence was there, and John smiled. “Do you want to come now?” he asked, looking down Rodney’s body at his reddened cock – his erection hadn’t flagged at all this time.

Rodney nodded again, John felt the movement against his shoulder.

“Sorry? I didn’t hear you, what was that?” John asked, tipping his head back towards Rodney.

Rodney mumbled something, sounding sullen and stroppy.

“Pardon?” John asked, enjoying himself.

“I said, ‘Yes please’,” Rodney snapped, obviously annoyed with himself, looking up at John with angry eyes.

“Okay,” John smiled easily, moving around Rodney to sit down on the bed, making himself comfortable against the pillows. He glanced to his right and grinned at Beckett, who had pulled himself together and was now sitting against the wall, still panting hard and looking wrecked.

“Come here,” John said, turning back to Rodney and beckoning to him. Rodney frowned, and then shuffled up the bed until he was sitting next to John – there was only just room for the two of them to be side by side on the narrow Atlantis bed.

“I forgive you,” John said, pulling Rodney forward and kissing him gently. “But,” he stopped, just as Rodney was getting into the kiss, and placed his hand on the back of the other man’s neck, shaking gently. “I won’t be so kind again, okay?”

Rodney nodded, and John decided not to force him to say it out loud this time – he figured he had managed to drive the message home. But, just in case…

“Over my lap,” he breathed against Rodney’s lips, still gripping the back of his neck.

Rodney’s head shot up, and he stared at John for a moment, forehead creased in confusion. John just held his gaze, trying to look as placid as he knew how, his patented ‘I’m nice, honest’ face. Rodney stared at him a moment longer, then moved, shaking John’s hand off his neck and settling himself over John’s lap.

It didn’t look comfortable: Rodney’s feet were hanging off one side of the bed, and his head the other, but his cock was nestled between John’s thighs, and it certainly wasn’t complaining. Indeed, it was hot and hard, twitching against John’s own flaccid, damp cock, making him wish he had the stamina to get it up again right away.

“This isn’t a punishment anymore,” he said instead, dropping his hand to Rodney’s ass and stroking it fondly, the little bit of extra flesh wobbled temptingly under his hand. He squeezed, and smiled as Rodney’s head dropped and his shoulder’s relaxed. “This is a reward now. You’ve apologised, and I’ve forgiven you. This is to show you…” he paused, frowning, and then smiled. “This is to show you that you don’t need anyone else, and that I’ll take care of you in the future. All right?”

“Yes,” Rodney whispered, and his thighs splayed open as John ran his hand from Rodney’s lower back down to cup and squeeze his balls.

“Good,” John answered, and lifted his hand only to bring it down again in a light smack on Rodney’s right ass cheek. He smiled as Rodney let out a pleased sounding sigh, and relaxed even further, pushing his cock down between John’s thighs. John squeezed them around it, and received a pleased groan for his efforts.

It was pleasant to spank Rodney like this, calmly, sharing a smile with Beckett every now and again over Rodney’s broad shoulders. Before John’s palm grew hot with the effort, Rodney began wriggling, pushing back into his hand and asking for more. John provided. He turned his hand, changing the pace and hitting hard and soft alternatively. Rodney let out a groan and dropped his hands onto the floor so that he could push back against John’s hand.

“Pushy,” Beckett murmured, and John grinned: the doctor was right.

“But I’m the one in charge,” John told him, still grinning as he reached down and grabbed the top of Rodney’s thigh that was furthest from him, pulling it up and out so that Rodney’s hole and balls were exposed to John’s hand.

Now, when his blows landed, he could angle them directly over Rodney’s hole, or catch the scientist’s balls with his fingertips. Rodney struggled against him, pushing back into his hand, and forcing his cock into the warm, slick space between John’s thighs, a low keening whine escaping from his throat.

John was grunting himself now, with the effort of keeping up the spanking, and keeping his thighs tensed so that Rodney had something to push against. He watched Rodney’s hole as it quivered every time his fingertips hit it, and realised he needed another hand.

“Beckett,” he said. “Get over here and hold McKay’s leg for me,” he ordered, and nodded, pleased, as Beckett obeyed: the doctor looked turned on and ready for another round.

“Right, good,” John said, pausing for a moment and running both of his hands over the heat of Rodney’s ass. It was incredible. Rodney was twitching pitifully under John’s hand, pushing his wet cock against John’s thighs, and the heat and the redness was a real turn on. “Nearly there,” he whispered reassuringly, as he felt Rodney twisting and heard him muttering. Then he dropped his left hand, dragged it up the inside of Rodney’s thigh, bypassed his balls and stroked his fingers over Rodney’s hole. He shared a grin with Beckett when the muscle clenched, looking wet and red, then he pushed his fingers inside and was rewarded with a deep groan from Rodney.

“Jesus,” Beckett whispered. “That’s just…”

“Hot,” John muttered in answer. “Really hot,” he added, twisting his fingers and feeling Rodney’s cock jump.

“Oh God, please… please,” Rodney was whining, pushing back against John’s hand again.

“Okay,” John murmured, feeling hot himself, and thinking that they might just have to do this again sometime – even with Beckett there maybe. Then he pushed another finger in, twisted hard, pressed against Rodney’s prostate and smacked his ass hard with his other hand, all at the same time.

“Fuck!” Rodney bellowed, his head jerking up as the weight of the blow forced his cock deep between John’s thighs, and he came, hard.

John grinned at the feel of hot come against his thigh, and shared a pleased look with Beckett, before continuing to massage Rodney’s prostate. He got a few more dazed groans and then a whispered, “Please… stop… no more,” as Rodney dropped his head again.

John smiled at that, and stopped the movement of his fingers, but didn’t pull them out as he nodded to Beckett to let go of Rodney’s thigh. Rodney straightened out with another groan, and John stroked his hot ass gently, before withdrawing his fingers carefully – Rodney’s muscles clenched forcefully around them, which made John’s heart skip a little.

“You okay?” he asked softly, as Rodney pulled himself back up onto the bed and rearranged himself along John’s side.

“Yeah,” Rodney nodded drowsily, reaching out a hand – John took it and squeezed tightly. “Thank you,” Rodney added, his eyes closing as he drifted a little, his breath still coming in little pants.

John and Beckett shared a smile, and Beckett raised his eyebrows as John stroked his fingertips over Rodney’s calm, relaxed face.

“Told you it’d work,” Beckett whispered, eyes dancing.

John just smiled.

The End.

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  • Misinterpretations - Part Two

    oOo Rodney doesn’t go back to the coffee shop for a while, he gets snowed under at work and it’s difficult to spend time doing nothing. Then he…

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